What to Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated

What to Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated

So many of us experience different life events whether it be, PMS, post pregnancy, menopause, autoimmune diseases, etc… that makes us bloat.  Personally, I struggle with IBS, celiac disease and endometriosis, and I’m frequently bloated.  

Previously I thought the only thing I can do is 1. Be uncomfortable in my clothing or 2. Wear sweatpants… but there IS a third option.  There are so many different bloat-friendly styles you can wear when you are bloated that make your body feel comfortable and you looking good and feeling confident.

When you start to explore different fits, your clothes should be aligned with your body shape.  For example, if you have broad shoulders, balance them with a wide pant leg.  When you are creating your bloat-friendly wardrobe, you will build on top of the pieces that complement your body shape.  

However, there are many bloat-friendly outfit concepts that are the same despite your body shape:  

First, avoid tight clothing.  It seems obvious but sometimes we are trying to put on tighter jeans or shape-wear to disguise our tummy.  This will feel more uncomfortable.  Instead opt for something looser.  

The key to wearing looser fitting clothing is to make sure you understand your proportions and fit so you don’t look frumpy.  For example, you always want one-third on the top or two-thirds on the bottom (pants & top), OR two-thirds on top and one-third on the bottom (a dress).  What you don’t want to do is divide yourself in half - that is where part of the frumpy look comes from!  You also want to make sure you are wearing clothing that fits your body.  

Bloat friendly clothing

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Second, wear darker colors.  They are slimming, stylish and timeless and will help you disguise bloating and keep you feeling confident.  

Bloat friendly outfits

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Third, accessorize!  Jewelry is a fun and easy way to add stylish details to your outfit.  They pull your eye towards the jewelry and away from your tummy. 

The number one rule, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed when you are bloated, it happens to SO many of us.  Some bloating is normal and some bloating should be examined by a medical professional.  But remember, the key to being beautifully bloated is to dress comfortably for your lifestyle, look good, feel confident and most importantly, be happy! 

Bloat friendly style tips

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