ginger + dandelion empowers women to reclaim their comfort, beauty and confidence through jeans, even as their bodies adapt to the most remarkable journeys, from bloating to the miracle of childbirth.  We believe that slipping into your jeans in the morning should add the confidence and comfort you need to conquer your day.  So we invented Tummy Technology™ to embrace a woman's ever-changing body and take back the confidence she deserves, comfortably.

Our customers' stories inspire us every day. We feel a deep, personal connection with every woman who’s shared her story of how we’ve transformed her life, making it possible for her to put on jeans, comfortably, for the first time in a long time.

As a women-owned and operated small business, real women have been at the heart of every step in the design and testing process, ensuring our jeans stay stylish and comfortable no matter what life brings. We believe that every woman deserves a jean that doesn’t hold her back.

A note from our founder.