Our founder, Nicole, had a love/hate relationship with her jeans. She loved the classic denim wardrobe staple but one of her biggest issues was that her jeans never fit comfortably when she was bloated. For years she bought multiple sizes of the same jean and would change throughout the day just to be comfortable. Most of the time, she would just resort to unbuttoning the top button to let her bloat breathe. Haven’t we all been there?

Whether due to medical conditions, food allergies, postpartum, or if you have yet to pinpoint the cause, if you’re anything like Nicole, you’ve spent years searching for that elusive jean that fits just right no matter how you’re feeling.  

She found jeans that fit in the waist but sagged everywhere else, and jeans that fit through the legs and butt but strangled her stomach, but never found jeans that fit just right.  After assembling a team that includes the top NYC-based denim design expert, our proprietary Tummy Technology™, was born.

We considered you in every step of the design and testing process: what your day holds, how you’ll wear and style them, and how they’ll embrace you on your most bloated days.