I always loved jeans. I remember when I saved up to buy my first pair of designer jeans: the Dojo Sevens. I wore those jeans day after day until there were so many holes I had to retire them. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with stomach issues. My bloating made jeans so uncomfortable. Jeans put so much pressure on my stomach that, no matter how much I loved their look, I started to hate wearing them.

I tried everything to make jeans comfortable. First, I sized up; then I bought the same pair in different sizes; then I unbuttoned the top button; then eventually I had no choice but to stop wearing jeans.

I searched everywhere for bloat-friendly jeans, but they didn’t exist.  I’m not talking jeggings or maternity jeans, I’m talking classic zipper-fly-and-button jeans.

I thought I was the only one whose bloating made me stop wearing jeans.  It turned out, it wasn’t just me.

That’s when ginger + dandelion was born.

We designed the first-ever bloat-friendly jeans featuring our signature Tummy Technology™.  Our jeans are comfortable on your tummy, letting your bloat breathe, while visibly reducing bloating.  You can finally wear jeans, comfortably, again!  

Shop bloat-friendly jeans.

“Bloating is a common issue that we often avoid discussing, even though it affects so many people,” said Nicole. “ginger + dandelion provides women with comfortable and fashionable jeans as well as a community that destigmatizes bloating and makes them feel less alone.”