Welcome to ginger + dandelion where fabrics are breathable, dresses are flowy and pants are drawstring.  Our items are handpicked to bring you just what you are looking for - comfort and style.  We believe you should feel amazing in your clothes, even when you're bloated.  We call it, beautifully bloated.
We are passionate about curating comfy and stylish clothes for women who struggle with bloating.  There is no reason why us beautifully bloated women need to squeeze ourselves into clothing that doesn’t work for our bodies.  At ginger + dandelion, we take our time searching for clothing that makes us feel good and we love sharing it with you. 

Our goal is to build a community of women who struggle with bloating so we share our struggles, boost each other up, and come out the other side well dressed, happy and confident.  Follow us at @gingeranddandelion on Instagram to join our community. 



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