I always loved jeans. I remember when I saved up to buy my first pair of designer jeans: the Dojo Sevens. I wore those jeans day after day until there were so many holes I had to retire them. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with IBS-C, celiac disease, the list goes on... My bloating made jeans so uncomfortable. Jeans put so much pressure on my stomach that, no matter how much I loved their look, I started to hate wearing them.

I tried everything to make jeans comfortable. First, I sized up; then I bought the same pair in different sizes; then I unbuttoned the top button; then eventually I had no choice but to stop wearing jeans.

After a decade of searching and failing to find jeans that worked for my body, I launched ginger + dandelion while 6 months pregnant.  Not only women with stomach issues, but postpartum moms also flocked to the collection, thrilled to feel like themselves again in jeans.  I have been touched beyond words from the incredible feedback from our customers telling us how we've transformed her life making it possible to put on her jeans for the first time in a long time, because I can 100% relate.

The remarkable journey our bodies go through as women is hard enough, we all deserve a favorite jean.  Ginger + dandelion can’t wait to redefine how you look and feel about your jeans.

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