Inspired by our personal journeys with bloating, we created the first-ever bloat-friendly jeans.

Our Tummy Technology™, keeps you feeling comfortable and confident in your jeans, even when you’re bloated without sacrificing style or fit.  Our relaxed waistband is engineered with maximum comfort in mind to ensure your jeans move with you, rather than against you, as you go through your day. 

Our jeans feature: 

    1. a relaxed waistband that lays flat on your stomach by comfortably following the shape of your body

    2. an inner panel expands to make room for your tummy

    3. smoothing panel to reduce the visibility of bloating 

More about our jeans:  Our classic fits and timeless washes stand the test of time and give you a blank slate to create any outfit you will feel confident in, for years to come. 

Our romantic copper hardware trims were intentionally selected as copper represents healing and self-love. There is a feeling of femininity yet edginess when you’re wearing your ginger + dandelion jeans, it feels like confidence.

Our denim is the top choice for becoming your favorite jeans in your wardrobe, whether you're having a great day or feeling a bit bloated. They're designed to be versatile and comfortable for any occasion.