1. Pant Rise

Believe it or not, the most comfortable pant rise depends on your body and where you bloat. After conducting market research and talking to a ton of women who deal with bloating, when asked “what is the most comfortable rise when you are bloated?” the most common answer was mid-rise, with the waistband sitting at your hip. The next common answer was a high-rise, sitting up on your waist, and lastly some people thought low-rise, sitting below the hip, was the most comfortable. Basically, there isn’t one straightforward answer, it all depends on you. Once you find a rise that works for you, then you can start playing with different proportions to style your look. If you prefer a low rise, opting for a slim leg and pairing it with a longer sweater, or a high rise pairing it with a slightly fitted top with a French tuck. If you are looking to wear (dare I say the word?) JEANS, we designed the first-ever bloat friendly jeans! For more info, follow @gingeranddandelion on Instagram or check them out.


2. Dresses Are Your New Best Friend

For the truly bad bloat days, dresses are a great option. There are so many dresses with flattering silhouettes that will give your stomach room to breathe without sacrificing style! While most dresses are comfortable, the best fits for bloating are smock, peasant, tunic, shift, A-line, wrap, and skater dress styles. Casual t-shirt dresses with sneakers are the ultimate look for running errands! Choose silhouettes that highlights your shape by accentuating your bust or waist! When accentuating your waist, select a dress that has a higher waistline with stretch fabric to allow your belly to breathe.

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3. Pleated Skirts with Elasticated Waists

A maxi or midi skirt with an elastic waist and pleats are a great bloat option when the day calls for dressing up a bit. The elastic waist keeps you comfy and the texture of the pleats are amazing at camouflaging a bloated stomach. Double bonus if you find a skirt with elastic in the back but not the front, you will get good movement in the waistband without the front digging into your stomach. Dress your pleated skirt down with a basic or graphic tee or dress it up with a blouse! Don't forget to tuck in your top to reduce bulk.

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4. Loose Fitting Tops

Boxy or oversized tees can be both casual and trendy depending on how you style them, and they are great for bloating.

When styling a tunic, try pairing it with comfortable leggings, straight leg pants, or skinny jeans to create comfort while bloated.

Peplum tops are the ultimate way to accentuate your figure while giving yourself room to breathe. Choose a peplum with a waist that falls above the stomach.

Off the shoulder tops will make your shoulders the focal point and draw attention away from your stomach area.

Blouses and button down shirts will give you a sophisticated look while camouflaging your bloat.

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5. Jackets, Shackets, Cardigans & Button-down Shirts

Who doesn't love layers? Layering gives you the option to take off and put on clothing as you need. They add depth to your outfit for a chic and a polished look, and they are amazing at concealing bloating. When I'm extra bloated, the extra layer feels like a security blanket as I move through my day.

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6. Drawstring & Elastic Waistbands

Many styles with a drawstring waist are my go-to bloated hack for long days. As your body changes throughout the day, you can adjust your waistline for a comfortable fit! You can wear them as a high-waisted fit or adjust them to sit below your belly button at your hips depending on what is most comfortable. Add a baggier top to cover your stomach and tuck it in to add polish. When choosing styles with an elastic waistband, select one that fits comfortably and is not too tight, otherwise you'll experience discomfort as the day goes on. Leave room for your bloat to breathe! I find a thicker elastic waistband is more comfortable and doesn't dig into my waist. I have the best experience with an elastic waistband in the back but not in the front, so you get the stretch but not the pressure digging into your stomach.

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7. Accessorize 

Jewelry is an easy and simple way to add fun and stylish details to your outfit. Choose jewelry that is balances your look. For example, if you went bold with your outfit, select more minimalist jewels or if your outfit is more basic, go bigger with your accessories.

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8. Wear Darker Colors 

Feeling bloated? Reach for colors that streamline like black, navy, charcoal, and deep browns. These colors are slimming, stylish, and timeless! Who doesn't love an all-black-everything fit?

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