What is Bloat-Friendly Fashion?

What is Bloat-Friendly Fashion?

Bloat-friendly fashion is our approach to styling outfits so that you look great and feel comfortable when you’re bloated.  Everyone can find outfits that they feel comfortable and look good in when they’re bloated.  Some wear A-line dresses, elastic waist pants with a peplum top or an oversized sweater with leggings.  Whichever route you choose, there is a way for you to feel as comfortable as possible while looking stylish, even when you’re bloated.

Me during a flare up

The more people I speak to, they think bloating is something that is just happening to them.  No way!  Bloating is real and clothes fit differently on your body when you’re bloated.  From stomach issues stemming from underlying conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, endometriosis, or hormonal changes like perimenopause, PMS, post pregnancy or IVF cycles, or just from eating a big meal, all contribute to bloating.  Either way, dressing our bodies accordingly, help us feel comfortable and more confident as we go about our day. 

Other bloat-friendly outfits 

Smocked elastic waist wide leg pants


Do you miss wearing jeans?

One wardrobe staple that the bloated community isn’t happy with: their jeans.  Do you ever notice when you put on your jeans on a day you are feeling bloated sets the tone for a day filled of frustration and being uncomfortable?  We created the first-ever bloat-friendly jeans.  Get on the list!




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