We Asked: What Is Your Favorite Outfit When Bloated & 400 People Shared

We Asked: What Is Your Favorite Outfit When Bloated & 400 People Shared

Feeling bloated?  Pants can feel pretty uncomfortable when you are…. Luckily there are some great options that are comfortable and stylish.

Last month, I posted a question to Reddit asking the female fashion group what they like to wear when they are bloated so we can share the responses with you.  Within 15 hours there were over 400 comments!  Today we are going to share the bloat-friendly black pant favorites.  

It was so fun to see that some responses overlapped with my favorites!  I live in the U.S. on the east coast so it is pretty cold right now and I’ve been living in the One Quince Cashmere Sweatpants.

In addition to the list below, people also loved a wide leg wool pant, but all of the recommendations were sold out.

If you scroll until the end, you will see the special bloat-friendly project that we have been working on here at ginger + dandelion. 

Athleta - $89

Balance Pant

Aerie - $19.98

Offline Groove Pant 

Vuori - $94


Aritzia - $148

Cropped Pants 

Aritzia - $138

Satin Pants

Lucy & Yak - $45


Lululemon - $98-118


One Quince - $99

Cashmere Sweatpants

Betabrand - $68

Dress Pant Yoga Pants (comes in other fits)

ginger + dandelion’s bloat-friendly jeans

Searching for the best pair of jeans to wear when you’re bloated?

At ginger and dandelion, we created the first bloat-friendly jeans to help you feel comfortable in your jeans on those bloat days.  Our first collection comes out Spring 2023!

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In the meantime, we worked with a stylist (who also struggles with bloating!) to design a style guide to help you look stylish and feel comfortable when you’re bloated.  

Want more bloat-friendly fashion tips?

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