Feeling Bloated? 3 Tips on What to Wear

Feeling Bloated? 3 Tips on What to Wear

Bloating is a condition where you’re belly feels full and tight.  Have you ever had a big meal and you feel uncomfortably full after?  Or have you noticed when you’re on your period your pants fit a little big tighter?  That’s from a bloated stomach.

The days you wake up bloated, I found being intentional about what clothes I put on my body makes me feel a little better.  The clothes you put on your body sets the tone for the day.  Why be uncomfortable when you’re already uncomfortable? Why look frumpy if it makes you feel less confident? When you put on something that feels comfortable on your body and looks good on your body, you feel more confident as you go about your day.  Embrace your bloat instead of letting your bloat control you.

But remember, the key to being beautifully bloated is to dress comfortably for your lifestyle, look good, feel confident and most importantly, be happy! 

Here are 3 quick tips on styling when bloated:

Add jewelry.  You can wear a tee, joggers and sneakers, but by adding jewelry, you will instantly elevate your outfit.

Wear a blazer.  Blazers are classic, chic and comfortable.  By adding a blazer to your outfit, you are adding a comfortable layer that looks stylish.

Love dresses. Dresses are so comfortable, stylish and are an incredible bloat-friendly option.  There are so many different styles for all body types like A-line, babydoll, tent, tunic, wrap, smock and skater dresses.  

And… a bonus surprise!

At ginger and dandelion, we created the first bloat-friendly jeans to help you feel comfortable in your jeans on those bloat days.  Our first collection comes out Spring 2023!

In the meantime… 

 Get access to Beautifully Bloated, our bloat-friendly style guide.  We worked with a stylist (who also deals with bloating) to provide inspiration and tips on what to wear when you’re bloated.

Get access now.

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