My Journey To Bloat-Friendly Jeans

My Journey To Bloat-Friendly Jeans

I always loved jeans.  I remember when I saved up to buy my first pair of designer jeans: the Dojo Sevens and I didn’t take them off until they had so many holes in them—even I who loves distressed jeans— knew it was too much and I needed to retire them.  Towards the end of my Dojo Sevens run, I was diagnosed with my first stomach issue which was the beginning of several diagnoses, celiac disease, IBS-C, the list goes on.  Anyone that has a stomach issue or good ol’ PMS knows the painful bloating that comes along with it.  It is not fun.  This affected my life significantly; including my wardrobe and more specifically, my jeans. My bloating made jeans feel so uncomfortable.  They put so much pressure on my stomach that no matter how much I loved their look, I started to hate wearing them.

After my first diagnosis, I tried so many things to make jeans comfortable.  First, I sized up from my typical size to make sure they were comfortable around my waist.  I wore a belt when I wasn’t bloated and took the belt off as I became bloated.  It worked, but the rest of the jean didn’t fit well.  My butt was nowhere to be found and my legs were swimming in the extra denim.  I desperately wanted to figure out a way to make jeans work for my body without being so uncomfortable.  Then I realized, I’ll just buy the same pair of jeans in 2 sizes but the main issue wasn’t solved: the size I was in the morning wasn’t the same size by the afternoon.  Eventually, I had no choice but to stop wearing jeans.  I had to give up on the #1 wardrobe staple and I was so bummed.

What was I looking for?  I thought it was pretty simple:

A COMFORTABLE and STYLISH classic 5 pocket, zipper-fly-and-button-jean.  One that I can wear morning until night, be able to sit and stand in, that wasn’t a jegging or a maternity jean.  I didn’t want anything squeezing my stomach, because, well I had enough digestion issues and didn’t need to make myself even more uncomfortable.  

I searched everywhere for bloat-friendly jeans, but they didn’t exist. For years, I thought I was the only one whose bloating made me stop wearing jeans.  It turned out it wasn’t just me.

That’s why ginger + dandelion was born!

I reached out to Christine Rucci, world-famous denim designer known as the Godmother of denim and we co-created the first-ever bloat-friendly jeans.  Christine was no stranger to bloating and she literally is the Godmother of denim—she has been designing denim for top brands for over 30 years!

Both of us were (unfortunately) bloating experts and we worked together to make jeans for women who bloat, by women who bloat!  ginger + dandelion’s proprietary Tummy Technology™ gives you the perfect fit comfortably on your tummy, letting your bloat breathe, while visibly reducing bloating.  

Our bodies are complex and dynamic, so are our jeans.  To all of the women who’ve had to quit jeans; we’ve got your back.


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