3 Bloat-Friendly Winter Styles

3 Bloat-Friendly Winter Styles

The holidays are over and now it’s cold.  You’re trying to figure out what to wear to keep warm, feel comfortable, and look stylish — and of course, that is bloat-friendly.  Below are our top 3 bloat-friendly picks for winter 2023.  We’re all about the timeless pieces so you can keep them on repeat year after year.

We believe women should wear what makes them happy.  We are here to give suggestions to women that are looking for bloat-friendly options.  We believe all women should feel comfortable, be confident and look beautiful in their clothes.  

Here are 3 go-to styles for you this winter:


Scarves are in.  You must be saying when are they not in?!  Which is fair, but in 2023 they are totally in.  Leverage them!  Use them to style, disguise, keep warm, all of the good things.

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Cable knit sweaters

We are loving cable knits, the perfect winter wardrobe staple you can keep wearing year after year.  The cable details on the sweater draw your eye to the pattern, and helps disguise bloating.  

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Blazers that were once a boardroom staple are now everywhere.  Throw a blazer over a dress, pants, jeans or even your favorite sweatpants.  Blazers will instantly elevate your outfit.  Layers are a key part of bloat-friendly fashion!

If you are looking for a pair of bloat-friendly jeans, we are designing the first pair!  Sign up here for  update on our launch.  

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Want more bloat-friendly fashion tips?

Bloat-friendly styles are all about you feeling comfortable and happy in your clothing.  If you need help getting started, check out our Bloat-Friendly Style Guide!

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