Bloating & Belts: wearing a belt when you're bloated

Bloating & Belts: wearing a belt when you're bloated

Let me set the scene... you wake up not feeling well and you know it's going to be a bad bloat day.  You have a bunch of work meetings and dinner plans scheduled for the day and unfortunately you can't crawl back into bed with a heating pad.  

You get out of bed and do all the things to help yourself feel better and get rid of your bloating: you drink water with lemon, take a walk, do light stretches, take a hot shower and now you're ready to get dressed.   You can't imagine putting something tight on your body and you decide you want to wear a shift dress, but the last time you wore it you looked frumpy.

You put on the dress and take a look in the mirror - same thing, you look like frump city.   When your outfit is looking frumpy, one of the problems you're facing is that you're not defining your waist, which is typically the smallest part of your torso.  In this case for me, a shift dress on a rectangular body shape looks like a muumuu.  

Want to know a bloat-friendly fashion tip to look stylish?  

If I add a belt to my waist (not my stomach) it will give me some shape making the outfit more chic and still hiding my bloated stomach.  Take a look at the pictures below.   Bloat friendly style tip
Bottom line, when you think your outfit looks frumpy and notice that your outfit isn't defining your waist, find a comfortable belt in whatever material, and style it around your waist.  This will help show off your shape so you look and feel beautiful, even though you are bloated.  Another words, beautifully bloated 😉

Looking for bloat-friendly outfit inspo?

Bloat-friendly styles are all about you feeling comfortable and happy in your clothing.  If you need help getting started, get access to Beautifully Bloated, our bloat-friendly style guide!

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