Why I love working from home as someone who has celiac disease, ibs and other sh*t issues (pun intended)

Why I love working from home as someone who has celiac disease, ibs and other sh*t issues (pun intended)

Many of us like working from home for obvious reasons, no commute, less stop and chats, more time with your kids, all that jazz.  I love working from home but I do (occasionally) miss being in an office.  I miss the sense of community, seeing my colleagues and all the fun banter after you’ve worked a long ass day.  But working in the office was rough for someone like me with stomach issues.  I started working from home after Covid with my corporate job and then permanently after I started my own business and it was such a game changer!  Either way, there are so many bloat-friendly outfits you can wear both in the office and at home!

🚽Bathroom things.  My commute was anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. During those two hours I would drink a cup of coffee and towards the end of the trip, let’s just say it was a borderline emergency to get to the office and get to the bathroom.  NYC traffic is never fun but this emergency made it even worse and I got to play this daily game for years!  Now that I’m working from home, I’m free to poop when I want!

🔥Heating pad. For years I would sit at my desk or in a meeting in pain from bloating... you know the drill.  Now, working from home I can use my heating pad any time, any day.  In fact, I have a heating pad on right now!  Can you tell :)?

🥗Lunch. You would think being celiac in New York City you would have lunch options right?  Nope.  After several years, there was ONE place I could eat lunch safely (safely for me meant eating gluten and dairy free).  Now I can make a salad, pizza, sandwich, basically anything I want for lunch; you name it, I make it!

🍴Work dinners.  Lucky for me, my colleagues were great at making sure I was able to eat if we had a work dinner.  What ended up happening is that I dragged people to the same restaurant for 13 years.  Now, I drag my husband to the same 4 restaurants near our house but mainly make dinners at home so I can eat anything gluten and dairy free that I want!

🍸After work drinks.  Let’s be honest, I love an after work drink BUT we would always say we were going out for “one” and 3 drinks later… people would grab a slice of pizza and I would be starving, getting back home at around 11pm, to cook dinner and wake up the next morning at 6am… Now I can plan what I'm going to eat before drinks.

👖Dressing myself.  I did get pretty good at dressing bloat-friendly when I worked in the office (hint: lots of dresses and fleece lined tights when it got colder) but being at home allows me to wear all the comfy clothes I want 🙌

I do miss being in the office but working from home is much better for my bloated issues!  If you do need to go into the office, remember to take care of yourself and make sure you're doing and dressing in what makes you comfortable!  

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