How to style sweatpants when you just can’t bring yourself to wear jeans

How to style sweatpants when you just can’t bring yourself to wear jeans

I’ll be honest here, there are about 2 weeks per month where I just can’t wear jeans because of my bloat.  I’m either in sweatpants feeling frumpy or wearing a dress with no waistband.  During my sweatpants frumpy days, I discovered something... add some pizazz to elevate your look and you’ll feel so much better!  Here are some tips:

💎Add jewelry

Jewelry is easy, simple and really adds a wow factor to your outfit.  It doesn’t even need to be complicated.  A delicate hoop, layered necklace or rings are perfect to dress up your sweatpant look.

👜Wear a chic bag

I gave up my big tote days after commuting to the city.  Now I grab a cute cross body or bucket bag to add to my outfit.  Also, fanny packs have made a comeback.  There are some really cute fanny packs out right now that you can wear across your chest, that even gives you some extra tummy coverage, plus they are super chic and comfortable.

👟Put on cute kicks

Put on that cute converse high top, white tennis shoe or a bold sneaker.  Whatever makes you feel good when you look down at your feet.  Also, I’m now a Birkenstock fan (sorry to those who aren’t) but they are so comfortable, really cute and make me happy.

👒Throw on a hat

“We’re here to tell you that hats are back” but not always the fancy type of hat Rachel Green is referring to, but hats do work magic.  They give you an extra accessory while they keep you feeling low key and are awesome at hiding a bad hair day.

👚Layer up

I almost always reach for my Patagonia jacket right by the door, which is fine but I'm not always on a hike.  Instead, if I wear my corduroy shacket, leather jacket, suede jacket...any cute jacket or over shirt, my outfit is instantly dressed up.  If it's summertime, I typically wear a button down or shacket for the AC.

Lastly, are you going for all black or a pop of color?  This all depends on your mood.  The days where I want to hide when I'm super bloated, I dress in all black.  Plus let's be honest, I was a NYC girl so all black has always been my thing.  But now I'm learning, a pop of color is always fun!



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