Bloated fashion, wardrobe essentials

Bloated fashion, wardrobe essentials

In the previous blog I spoke about why comfy clothes mean so much to me.  From having celiac disease, allergic to dairy and having endometriosis, my bloated stomach constantly controls me and I really needed to find a way to feel comfortable everyday (without just wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt and sweatpants). *Spoiler alert*  in my opinion, you can find things that make you look good and feel great, even when you're bloated.  

First, lets talk about my ‘oh no no’ list.  The main rule here is to avoid anything form fitting so you aren't in pain.

  1. Yoga pants, I know a bunch of people think yoga pants are comfy but I can't get on board.  There is nothing worse than feeling suffocated when your insides are raw and mad.  
  2. A low rise or non stretch jean, huge no.  The low rise waistband puts my bloated belly on display and I think it is worse to have a waistband sit in the middle of the bloat, slowly strangling your stomach.  Rather than a high waistband that sits above your stomach.  
  3. Spanx are a big oh no no unless it's your wedding or you're going to a wedding.  Putting all of that pressure on your already inflamed insides is not nice to you or your body.  But I do love Sara Blakely and she's my hero.

The treat yo'self list.  The main rule is to wear clothing without any restrictions!

  1. Incorporate dresses into your life!  There are many dresses that have a flattering silhouette and that will give your stomach room - while looking great!  Smock, peasant, shift, A-line, are just a few styles that might work for you.  A smock dress with converse or any cute sneaker is an amazingly comfortable and cute outfit.  If it's winter and you need to wear tights, the fleece lined tights are pretty comfortable.
  2. Elastic/draw string pants or shorts, I mean common, drawstring! Need I say more?  Talk about no restrictions!  I find a shorter top works for me when I'm wearing a bagger pant/shorts and a flowy/longer top if I'm wearing a straight leg or skinny pant.  For those with a straight figure, I find you can really do anything with joggers.  I obviously love the elastic/drawstring waist, but I also love how they fall close to the body and taper off at the ankle.  My favorite are by vuori.  
  3. Any t-shirt or tunic!  Typically, what I look for in a t-shirt is roomy-ness.  I’m looking for boxy, flowy, something to give me room but not necessarily oversized all the time.  Tunics are long and roomy, truly a dream!  Pair your tunic with jewelry to keep your look crisp and put together. 
  4. A cropped pullovers.  Now, you might think I'm mad for suggesting a cropped pullover, but hear me out...I’m talking cropped where it’s not so cropped where your belly is showing, but cropped enough where your shirt sits a little below your waist band.  It’s the perfect length to extenuate your torso. 
  5. The over shirt.  Button down shirts are a classic.  They are sophisticated, cozy, chic and will dress up any outfit.  I also love a good cardigan or shacket.  You can throw it on over anything if you are starting to bloat and want to hide it.
  6. Jeans are complicated.  I found that anything mid waisted is more comfortable.  It gives my stomach a chance to breathe without being so restricted.  It has taken me about 10 years to find the right jeans, but I love the mom jeans by Madewell, they are made from cotton and Tencel fabric, so they have a little stretch.
  7. Obviously sweatpants are amazingly comfortable but unfortunately I can't wear them all the time.  If you wanted to rock the sweatpants and want more of a crisp look, throw on some jewelry and you will instantly dress up your outfit.  

Pro tip: The fabric you wear can also help alleviate uncomfortable wardrobe issues.  Make sure you wear something with breathable fabric, your body will thank you.

Want more bloat-friendly fashion tips?

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