beautifully bloated

beautifully bloated

I’m Nicole Berger, the bloated b*itch (shout out to my Kelly Kapoor fans), and well, I’m constantly bloated.  From being celiac, having a dairy allergy, struggling with endometriosis, and still indulging in my wine, scotch and coffee, I constantly struggle with a bloated tummy.  What I want to talk about is my new venture, ginger + dandelion boutique and how I’m curating clothing that fits in our mission of wardrobe essentials for everyday comfort and style.

Being a person who's beautifully bloated, (my friend told me I can’t call myself the bloated b*tch, a healthy mindset is everything!) whenever I shop for myself, I need to make sure the fit works for my body, (typically a bloated stomach and skinny legs) I'm comfortable, (which is always a priority for me) and it looks good (for obvious reasons).  

I would have to imagine I’m not the only one out there, whether it be pms, ibs, crohn's disease, etc., having to figure out how to dress in a comfortable and stylish way when you’re having a bad tummy day.  So I want to help all you other beautifully bloated ladies shop at the ginger + dandelion boutique.  

Everything that you will see at the ginger + dandelion boutique, I have tried on and, as someone who struggles with fluctuation in sizes, uncomfortable clothing and overall unflattering, painful stomach issues, I wholeheartedly approve of every item.  These items are comfortable, breathable and make me feel good when I'm wearing them, and I know they will do the same for you.

The ginger + dandelion boutique is meant for all women, bloated or not.  This is just my story and why there is such an emphasis on everyday comfort.  


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