The Best Postpartum Jeans - As Seen On Hello Postpartum

The Best Postpartum Jeans - As Seen On Hello Postpartum

While we've heard from new mothers time and again that our bloat-friendly denim is the ultimate postpartum jeans, we're thrilled that experts in the space agree! Hello Postpartum, a lifestyle blog focused on creating a community for life after birth, has included our Slim Fit Jeans on their list the 13 Best Postpartum Jeans for Every Shape and Size.

So what makes our jeans so special in the eyes of Hello Postpartum and mom's who have tried them? In short, they are a "wearable magic trick."

A bloated stomach in ginger + dandelion's postpartum-friendly jeans

From our signature Tummy Technology which is designed to expand yet gently smooth and camouflage the look of bloat to the fabrication that will shape to your body over time, there's a lot to love about our mom-friendly jeans. Available in a timeless slim fit and a more trend-forward girlfriend silhouette, our bloat-friendly jeans do not have any compression and are made in the U.S.A.

Wondering when you can start wearing jeans again after giving birth? While it's totally fine to wear jeans just a few weeks postpartum, the most important thing to keep in mind is your own comfort. Do not rush yourself back into denim if you and your body aren't ready. It's ok to slow down and take your time coming back to you during this time. You will likely have to size up. Do not judge yourself or your body if that is the case - it is completely normal. Most importantly, remember that your journey to healing will be totally unique to you.

Read the full article here. Want your own pair of ginger + dandelion jeans? Shop our postpartum friendly denim here.

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