G+D Besties: Meet Bloat-Friendly Nutritionist Erin Judge

G+D Besties: Meet Bloat-Friendly Nutritionist Erin Judge

As a bloat-friendly brand, we get TONS of questions about bloating - and we’ve made it our mission to build a community of women who don’t just experience this symptom, but specialize in it. Meet g+d pal Erin Judge! She’s a registered dietitian nutritionist and the founder of Gutivate. Erin specializes in IBS, SIBO, IBD and celiac disease - all common causes of bloat! And she loves wearing ginger + dandelion’s jeans. With credentials this impressive, we just had to sneak that last bit in there!

Erin has a deep understanding of the body and how it reacts to and processes what you consume. We sat down with her to discuss ALL of your most bloated questions - from her favorite bloat-friendly recipe for the winter months to tips and tricks for combating bloating all year round.

g+d:  What causes bloating? 

EJ: Bloating can be caused by a variety of factors that are all very personal to you and your body. From hormonal bloating to functional GI disorders, it’s important to work with your preferred medical provider to discover the cause. Once you understand what is causing the bloating, your doctor, a nutritionist, and other registered health professionals can work with you to establish a diet, lifestyle, and/or medical routine to alleviate bloating and other symptoms you may be experiencing. Get more information on why we bloat on my blog here.

g+d: Sometimes taking steps to prevent bloating doesn’t work or isn’t possible. What are your tips and tricks for bloating relief?

EJ: While there are no quick and easy ways to relieve bloating, there are natural remedies that can ease and soothe it. My favorites include increasing my water intake, sipping peppermint tea, relaxing under a heating pad, getting moving (think a low impact activity like walking or a slow yoga practice), or adding ginger to your diet.

g+d: Now that the holidays and cold weather are upon us, what is your favorite bloat-friendy recipe for the season?

EJ: Full of gut-loving plants and fiber, I will be cooking up Fall-Spiced Nourish Bowls all season long. This recipe is a great way to spice up some common veggies you may already have in your grocery haul. I also can’t get enough of this easy, low FODMAP Butternut Squash Soup.

Want one-on-one support for your bloating? Schedule a consult call with Erin here to learn more about working with her team at Gutivate to address your bloat and feel your best. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @erinjudge.rd. Plus stay updated with Gutivate and all of the best bloat friendly recipes, lifestyle tips, and more, at Gutivate.com.

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