Mom Jeans: The Best Jeans for New Moms

Mom Jeans: The Best Jeans for New Moms

In pop culture, Mom jeans are notoriously high-waisted, ankle length, straight leg and tapered at the bottom. This description alone may bring to mind the hysterical SNL skit of the same name. Funny? Yes. But aspirational? Not really.

In reality, aren’t mom jeans actually just jeans you can mom in? From keeping up with your child once they're on the move to feeling good in your own skin when you're postpartum, we are taking back the mom jean one happy mama at a time.

Enter our Girlfriend Jean! Inspired by the traditional mom jean style - which is trending hard right now - these jeans were created with real women and their daily lives in mind. At the time that I designed these jeans, I had suffered from bloat due to medical issues my entire adult life, and created them with comfort and style in mind. I could have never imagined the love they would receive from the postpartum community (me now included!) for the very same reasons.

From the comfortable waistband to the flattering and trend-forward fit, I've been living in my jeans when the occasion calls for them. (Though I'll be honest, nothing feels flattering at the moment at 3 months PP - for all the Mamas out there feeling the same, I see you and you're not alone.)

When you are ready to get back into jeans, these mom jeans will be a game changer. Grab a pair here (also available in slim fit!)

Here’s my day in the life of my mom jeans: 

comfortable denim waist, even when sitting on the floor with my son and his lovevery.  

The girlfriend jeans have a straight leg, are high-waisted and go with anything -- even spit up. 🤣  The waistband is relaxed which means it’s a little bit bigger and our Tummy Technology helps smooth your stomach and give it extra room, without feeling compression.  Shout out to Kizik, hands free shoes because let’s be honest, who has time to bend down and tie shoes as a mom?!

Our copper hardware that represents love and healing through your postpartum journey.

They even make your butt look good while your cooking dinner.

Hope you love them as much as I do!



Shop all of our post-partum friendly jeans here.

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