Women's History Month: Girl Bosses Who Inspire Us

Women's History Month: Girl Bosses Who Inspire Us

As a women-owned and led company, we're always on the look out for ladies who paved their way to inspire us on our own journey. In honor of International Women's Day, we wanted to shine a light on these women who have taught our team so much, both up-close as official partners, and brand fans as well as from a distance

The final member of this list? You. Women are the fabric of our brand and our community - everything we do, we do with you and your daily lives in mind. Thank you for being an vital part of our g+d family.

Meet the Girl Bosses Who Inspire Us:

Allison Ellsworth, Founder of poppi

Allison started drinking Apple cider vinegar to help with her stomach problems but she hated the taste and decided to take action. She created a drink that solved her stomach issues AND tasted good while doing it. Soon after, she began sharing the drink with friends and family as well as selling it a the Dallas Farmers Market. Eventually, Whole Foods approached her wanting to sell her product in store. Allison later went on Shark Tank (while 9 months pregnant!!), and secured an investment in her company that allowed it to grow. The poppi brand and Alison's story is a true inspiration to me as a business owner as well as someone who can't drink soda without her stomach feeling like it will explode. Poppi is a gamechanger and a true example of creating the product that you need but can't find in the marketplace. Plus, the root beer poppi is one of my absolute favorite treats. :)

Shop poppi here or in most major grocery stores.

Erin Judge, Founder of Gutivate 


We’ve spoken a ton about Erin as she's one of our g+d besties! Erin grew up with IBS and her symptoms were dismissed from a young age due to a lack of understanding in her small town. As a college student, she became frustrated about her symptoms and the constant pain she experienced due to her body's reaction to various foods. Rather than accepting her situation, she opted to study nutrition, became a dietitian, and spent years figuring out how to help herself, and others, gain control of her symptoms and reclaim her life. She's built an incredible community that I am thrilled to be a part of, and has devoted her life to helping other IBS warriors overcome their symptoms as well. It's an honor to count her as a peer.

Learn more about Erin and Gutivate here.

Orly Gottsman, Founder of Modern Bagel 


Orly Gottsman is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained patisserie chef who revolutionized gluten-free baked goods when her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Orly opened up Modern Bagel in New York City and is bringing delicious gluten free bagels, pastries, and more to celiacs. Those who suffer from celiacs travel from everywhere to try Orly’s bagels.  Seriously. I’ve waited in line for over an hour to get a bagel on the weekend and met a family from Texas and California who took trips to NYC just for these bagels! She is a true inspiration on the power that a diagnosis - whether your own or of someone you love - can have on redirecting your life's work.

Learn more about Orly and Modern Bagel here.

Renee Grenon, Founder of The Mom Room Podcast


Renee was in the midst of earning her PhD in psychology when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. During this time, she began speaking candidly about her experience as a Mom - not polished and pretty, but the realities facing mothers day-to-day from the responsibility of raising children to marriage after babies and beyond. Moms flocked in droves to her social channels and podcast as her relatable content made them feel seen and heard - which is especially critical in the early days of motherhood. Renee has inspired us on the importance of creating a community through honesty and frankness - even when it's a bit uncomfortable. As a new mom myself, this podcast has made me feel less alone, given me a place to learn from those who've already experienced what I am experiencing, and most importantly allowed me to laugh through some of the tough moments.

Learn more about Renee and The Mom Room podcast.

Katie Wilson, Founder of BelliWelli

Katie is an inspiration on many levels when it comes to her IBS-friendly snack bars. Not only are they safe to eat for those on a LowFodMap diet, but her marketing is anything but coy. BelliWelli is single-handedly de-stigmatizing the conversation around gut-health with their "Hot Girls with IBS" campaign which launched in Los Angeles. This movement has given so many women the confidence (and laughs) they need while struggling with some of the less hot symptoms of IBS, making her company incredibly aspirational for this founder.

Shop BelliWelli bars here and at most Target locations.

Want more inspiration this International Women's Day? Learn more about ginger + dandelion Founder Nicole Berger here. Struggling to find the jeans of you and your bloat's dreams? Shop all of our bloat-friendly denim here.

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