We know what you're going through! 

I loved wearing jeans - I wore them all the time, but after being diagnosed with IBS, Celiac disease and most recently insulin resistance, wearing them became so uncomfortable I couldn’t stand putting them on my body.  The limited options were extremely frustrating.  That's when the idea for ginger + dandelion was born.

Our mission is simple: to empower women to feel comfortable, look beautiful and be confident in their jeans - even when bloated.  We understand the struggles and insecurities that come with bloating, and we wanted to provide a solution that prioritizes YOU, without compromising on style.

Real Reviews from Bloated Ladies

“I started crying as I zipped up my new jeans.  What kind of sorcery is this?! I’m actually in an abdominal flare up right now and these are not irritating or binding in the slightest!  I’ve not been able to wear jeans for many years and I’ve tried them all.  Thank you a million times for creating these.  I will be buying more!” - Natalie

“I’ve seriously have not been able to wear jeans that fit me right for like 3 years and these are amazing I’m so excited” - Catherine

“I have never had jeans that fit so well.  They are either too baggy or the waist is too tight.  These jeans are flattering with a comfortable waist.” Jo

What is Tummy Technology?

Tummy Technology™ is the heart and soul of our jeans.  We invented features that allow your jeans to feel comfortable even when you're bloated.  Our features lie in the waistband and in a secret panel.  The waistband lays flat on your stomach without digging into your stomach; and our panel expands to accommodate your tummy, gently smoothing and reducing the visibility of bloating.

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"Our jeans are not about compression. We've crafted them to visibly reduce bloating without any squeezing or discomfort..." check out this interview with our founder, Nicole, here

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