Your Bloat-Friendly Jean Questions, Answered!

Your Bloat-Friendly Jean Questions, Answered!

Why bloat-friendly jeans? 

I loved wearing jeans - I wore them all the time, but after being diagnosed with IBS and Celiac disease, wearing them became so uncomfortable I couldn’t stand putting them on my body.  Dealing with bloating made finding comfortable jeans a real challenge.  The limited options were extremely frustrating.  That's when the idea for Tummy Technology™ was born.

Our mission is simple: to empower women to feel comfortable, look beautiful and be confident in their jeans - even when bloated.  We understand the struggles and insecurities that come with bloating, and we wanted to provide a solution that prioritizes YOU, without compromising on style.

How do your jeans fit?

Our jeans feature a relaxed waistband, providing a slightly roomier fit in the waistband compared to traditional jeans. If you often experience tight waistbands while the rest of the jeans fit perfectly, ginger + dandelion jeans were made for YOU.

Is your fabric really stretchy?

Some jean fits are more stretchy than others based on the denim we use.  Our Slim jean offers a bit more stretch, making it ideal if you're looking for a flexible fit that hugs your body. On the other hand, our Girlfriend fit provides a relaxed and comfortable feel, perfect for those seeking a more laid-back style. Whichever option you choose, both are incredibly comfortable and designed to make you feel amazing.  To be honest, they are so different from each other, you’ll probably want both!

Do your jeans have compression?

Our jeans are not about compression. We've crafted them to visibly reduce bloating without any squeezing or discomfort. Our Tummy Technology™ is gentle yet effective, ensuring you can move freely and feel at ease all day long.

Are ginger + dandelion jeans like jeggings?

There is a time and place for jeggings, maternity pants and sweatpants.  But nothing can replace the confidence and swagger of a women in her denim jeans.  g+d jeans make you feel like a million bucks by embracing the natural ebbs and flows of bloating. They're built to be comfortable, stylish, and timeless.

What jeans are your styles inspired by?

We've created timeless styles inspired by classics. The Girlfriend jean is inspired by the iconic vintage Madewell and Levi 501 jeans. The Slim fit is reminiscent of the Le Skinny Frame jean. What sets our jeans apart and makes them so unique is our unwavering focus on bloating comfort with our proprietary Tummy Technology™.

What is Tummy Technology™?

Tummy Technology™ is the heart and soul of our jeans.  We invented features that allow your jeans to feel comfortable even when you're bloated.  Our features lie in the waistband and in a secret panel.  The waistband lays flat on your stomach without digging into your stomach; and our panel expands to accommodate your tummy, gently smoothing and reducing the visibility of bloating.

What fits will you start off with? 

We designed a Girlfriend jean with a relaxed fit that comes in our Sky wash, a beautiful worn-in light denim; and a Slim fit with a close-to-body silhouette in our River wash, a beautiful crisp medium denim. 

What sizes will you carry?

Our jeans are available in sizes ranging from 24” to 34”. Check out our sizing chart for the Slim jean and the Girlfriend jean.  As we grow, we will offer curvy fits, additional rises, inseams and styles.

Are your jeans sustainably made?

Yes! Designed in N.Y., made in L.A., we've carefully selected the highest caliber materials and partnered with responsible manufacturers to create our bloat-friendly jeans. We are committed to creating high quality, non-toxic jeans for you to put on your body.  Read more on our sustainability here

So, when can you get your hands on g+d jeans? 

As a U.S. customer, you can shop the world’s first bloat-friendly jeans here.  To our valued international customers, your wait won't be long.  We'll be announcing your highly anticipated launch date early next year, stay tuned!

- The ginger + dandelion team 

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