5 Easy Steps to Find the Best Jeans for You

5 Easy Steps to Find the Best Jeans for You

Women come in so many different shapes and sizes. Not to mention how our bodies change throughout our lives. While these variations make us all perfect in our own unique way, they can make finding the perfect fitting jeans a challenge.

Finding the right jeans for you may seem like an impossibility, but there’s nothing better than when you button up a pair that fits like they were made for you. Our denim experts have researched, tested, and approved these 5 simple things to keep in mind when jeans shopping to ensure you find a fit that flatters you. Ready to look and feel your best in your jeans?

5 Stylist-Approved Tips to Buy Jeans That Fit Well

1. Keep the Inseam in Mind
The inseam is the length between the top of the leg at the crotch to the bottom of the leg. The bottom of the jean is critical to note as jeans fall at different places on different bodies depending on height. By knowing your preferred inseam you can avoid getting a fit you don’t want - whether your preferred jeans be full-length or cropped at the ankle.

Additional things to consider when selecting an inseam are how you plan to style them (rolled or unrolled) or the shoes you plan to wear with them. When it comes to inseam, you can always get your jeans hemmed by a tailor - so a longer inseam may be your best option. There’s no reason to pass up on a pair of jeans that fit you well just because the inseam is too long.

2. Be Aware of the Rise
The rise of a jean is the length of the fabric between the crotch and the top of the waistband. Traditional rises in denim are high-rise (10 or more inches from crotch to waist), mid-rise (9-11 inches), and low-rise (8 or fewer inches). Each indicates where the waistband on the jeans will fall on your body. Since the distance between your crotch and waist is unique to your body based on height, weight, and other factors, where jeans fall on one woman is NOT where they will fall on all women. As you size up in jeans, the rise also increases to create a proportional, streamlined look across all sizes.

Pay attention to which rises feel best on your body and make you feel your most confident rather than shopping by trend. How a rise fits on you may vary depending on your torso length, so when in doubt measure yourself and keep these numbers in mind when jeans shopping. Of these three rises, mid-rise is the most timeless, but high-rise is a close second.


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3. Fabric & Stretch
While it may seem obvious, fabrication is often overlooked when shopping for jeans. Not all denim is created equal. Every blend has its own characteristics that favor structure or stretch. Stretchy jeans allow for a comfortable fit that molds to your figure while structured jeans ensure your denim doesn’t become shapeless and sag. The BEST jeans walk the delicate line between both of these properties. Denim grows - but with high-quality stretch properties, it also recovers. This is key to finding the best jeans for you.

Your first instinct when jeans shopping may be to opt for the pair that feels most comfortable when you pull them on. Since denim stretches over time to mold to your body, it’s likely that your best fit when you first put them on will end up sagging and being too baggy over time. Always try on a size down in jeans before opting for a pair that seems to fit perfectly. With time and wear, a size smaller will likely fit better for longer.

When is sizing down not the best option? Do not select a size down if that lower size cuts into your skin, is nearly impossible to button, or is difficult to breathe in. The perfect jeans should be snug on your hips and waist, should not slide down while you move or walk, will relax as you go about your day, and when you take them off, they should recover closer to their original fit. NOTE: No jean will ever recover 100%.

4. Fit and Body Shape
Not all jeans flatter all body types. If you’re looking for the best jeans for you, this is something to bear in mind. Consider your body type and use other elements of your outfit to create a trend-forward look. Here are the best jeans by body type:

A rectangular body shape is slim through the body with little to now curves - your shoulders, bust, hips, waist have little difference in width. The best jeans for a rectangle body shape will define your silhouette and balance the top and bottom of your body. When shopping for denim for a rectangular body type seek out bootcut, slim/straight, wide leg, skinny or flared jeans. Both the Girlfriend Jeans and the Slim Jeans would work well for this body type.

An apple body shape features shoulders and a bust that are larger than the hips and a waist that is not defined. Apple body types typically have great legs and most often wear at least one size bigger in their tops than their bottoms. When shopping for jeans for an apple body type, look for styles that will create long lines and draw the gaze outward away from the hips. The best jeans for an apple shape are bootcut, straight leg, wide leg, flare, and skinny. Our Slim Jeans would be the best ginger + dandelion denim for you.

Inverted Triangle
An inverted triangle body shape has broad shoulders and/or a broad bust with a narrow waist and even more narrow hips. These features together create the look of an upside down triangle. Great denim for an inverted triangle body will add volume to the hips and legs to create a more balanced look. The best jeans for an inverted triangle body shape are bootcut, wide-leg, straight, and flare. The Girlfriend Jean by ginger + dandelion would work best for this body type. 

Pear Shape
A pear-shaped body type’s hips and bottom are wider than their shoulders and bust. If you carry most of your weight in the lower half of your body, you are likely pear-shaped. When jeans shopping, look for denim that slightly gets wider or falls straight down in a curvy fit. The best denim for a pear shape bodies are straight leg, boot cut, wide leg, and flare. The ginger + dandelion Girlfriend Jeans would work well for this body type. 

An hourglass body type is characterized by a bust and hips being nearly equal measurements and a narrow waist - much like the shape of an hourglass. When dressing an hourglass figure, the best denim is a style that highlights your narrow waist - especially jeans with a high rise. The best jeans for an hourglass figure are slim, skinny, wide leg, flared, bootcut, or straight leg. Lucky you - both our Girlfriend Jean and our Slim Jean will work well on an hourglass body type. 

5. Your Personal Measurements
If you take ONE thing away from this article, let it be this: Always consult a brand’s size guide against your personal measurements before making a purchase. This goes for tops, jeans, dresses - everything! While there are general industry standards, no two brands are exactly alike when it comes to sizing and their size guides may hold the key to finding a fit that works best for you.

When considering the best jeans size for you, have a list of your waist, hip, and inseam measurements on hand to reference against the sizing chart. If you fall between two sizes in pants or jeans, prioritize what will fit best in the hips over your waist. Very few jeans end up sitting directly at your waist depending on their rise, and so selecting jeans based on your waist measurement alone may lead to a poor fit.

Straight fit vs. Curvy fit 

Pay attention to fit. Brands may offer a straight fit (i.e. the industry standard for jeans) or a curvy fit (this is a newer fit that works best for those who are pear shaped, have an hourglass figure, or are just built curvier.) Ginger + dandelion’s jean collection currently represents a straight fit sizing with plans to eventually expand. While rectangular body types may fit our current selection best, curvy girls can find their best fit in ginger + dandelion by sizing down so that the relaxed waist fits better.

When it comes to finding the perfect jeans for your body type, the ultimate goal is comfort and confidence. Embrace your individuality, celebrate your body (especially when it’s bloated!), and rock jeans that make you feel like a million bucks. The size really doesn’t matter.

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