What to Wear with IBS

What to Wear with IBS

So to be honest here, the answers is: wear whatever you want!  Something that makes you feel good, comfortable and confident.  But if you are in a style rut and don’t know what to wear because of your forever-changing bloated-tummy, we are here to help!

The goal is to wear something with the least amount of pressure on your waist while trying to disguise your bloat.  To phrase it more positively, it’s to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, and highlight the parts of your body that are your assets and disguise the things that don’t make you happy, your bloating. 

There are so many bloat-friendly outfits that will have you feeling comfortable and looking stylish, even on those bad bloat days.  Bloated fashion and bloat-friendly fashion isn’t broadly discussed, but 75% of women deal with bloating!  We are helping talk about this issue so more women don’t feel alone when they are struggling with what to wear when they are bloated.  

You will want to have your flare up outfits, and your daily everyday bloat outfit, because let’s be honest, they are two totally different kinds of bloating! 

Here are some tips


Layering gives you the option to take off and put on clothing as you need.  They add depth to your outfit for a chic and polished look and they are amazing at concealing bloating.  Blazers, cardigans, shackets, they all work and look great!

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There are so many dresses that have a flattering silhouette that will give your stomach room to breathe without sacrificing style.  Choose a silhouette that highlights your shape by accentuating your bust or waist!


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 High rise or mid-rise pants/trousers

Everyone bloats differently, so depending on your bloat, you will determine which rise is most comfortable for you.  Typically mid-rise is most comfortable for most, but that is up to you to figure out!  Elasticated waist in the back are super comfortable for those bad bloat days.  


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Peplum tops, tunics, oversized tees and button downs are all great top options when you are bloated.  In order to not look frumpy, make sure you are playing with proportions by choosing a loose fit for your top and tighter bottoms or vice versa.  You can also add instant polish by adding a belt or a French tuck.  If you wear an off the shoulder or a fun neckline, it draws attention to your neck, chest, instead of your tummy! 


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 Let’s talk more about proportions!  

If you are wearing a baggier top or dress, wear a (loose) belt around your waist to show off your shape.  This will keep you feeling comfortable and showing off your body, while disguising your bloating.


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Another bloat-friendly tip is to accessorize.  You will instantly elevate your outfit, comfortably, by adding accessories. 


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How to make getting dressed when you’re bloated, easy

I’ve found that having 10 or so key bloat-friendly pieces per season, helps me get dressed in the morning.  Once you’ve found your 10 pieces, keep cycling through those.  They are guaranteed to make you feel good and look good when you are bloated, because you’ve picked them for a time like this!

Looking for more?

If you are looking for more style tips, we created a bloat-friendly style guide collaborating with Gemma McLean, a wardrobe consultant, who also deals with bloating!  Get access now.

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