What To Wear When You’re Bloated

What To Wear When You’re Bloated

Every body bloats differently and there are different types of bloating.  If you’re trying to figure out what to wear when you’re bloated, you might want to start by figuring out what type of bloating you’re dealing with.

  • Mild bloating 
  • Medium bloating
  • Severe bloating (flare-ups, stomach is expanding several inches)
  • Note: I am not a medical professional, this is the way I think about bloating.

The reality is, what you are wearing for mild bloating is not what you are wearing during a flare up bloating.  BUT the goal is the same, to be happy and as comfortable as possible, in your clothes.

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There are two basic bloat-friendly fundamentals that are the same for all types of bloating.  Those are:

1. Wearing layers - layers are amazing at elevating your outfit and disguising your bloating.  There are so many layering options such as blazers, cardigans, sweatshirts...   

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2. Accessorizing your outfit - throwing on a necklace, rings and/or earrings is comfortable, easy and instantly adds polish to your outfit.  Even when you are wearing sweatpants, wearing cute gold hoops does a lot for your outfit!  

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Mild/Medium Bloating

When you are experiencing mild/medium bloating, even though you don’t feel well, there are tons of things you can wear to feel comfortable and look great to help yourself feel better.  It does wonders for your confidence when you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing.  

Dresses - you may opt for an a-line dress, wrap dress, skater dress, whatever works for your body shape and that you love wearing.  Even if it’s cold, most likely, you can tolerate wearing comfortable tights when you are experiencing mild/medium bloating.  I prefer tights with a thick comfortable waistband, I like the mid rise, 6 1/2 waist, light compression, Sheertex tights.

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Jeans - We designed the first-ever bloat-friendly jeans.  Our jeans are comfortable on your tummy, letting your bloat breathe, while visibly reducing bloating.  Our exclusive Tummy Technology™ features a contour waistband that expands comfortably to make room for a bloated tummy, while an inner panel gently smooths and reduces the visibility of bloat.  Join our waitlist.  

Pants - elasticated trousers and drawstring pants are both great options.  They are comfortable and you can dress them up or down.  My favorite elasticated waists are when there is elastic in the back, but not in the front.  It gives good movement without squeezing my stomach.  Sweatpants are an obvious option and some people love yoga pants!

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Extreme Bloating/Flare Ups

When your bloating is extreme, I would make some adjustments to your outfit.  I know we’d all like to sit on the couch with a heating pad during a flare up, but that isn’t always an option.  There are some great, comfortable and stylish outfits you can wear.

Dresses - tent dresses, tiered dresses, sheath dresses, again whatever is loose, comfortable and flattering for your body type.  When I’m in a flare up and I need to dress up, I wear a dress ONLY if I don’t have to wear tights.  If it is cold and tights are needed, I nix the dress.

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Pants - elastic waist trousers and drawstring pants are critical when you are experiencing a flare-up.  Typically, I want to wear something that is loose and not clingy to my body.  I ditch the skinny fits during a flare up.  If it is linen season, linen pants are great!  They are breathable and are very comfortable during bloating and flare ups.

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Sweatpants - If I don’t have to dress up, I’m wearing my Vuori joggers with an elastic and drawstring waistband.  ‘Nuff said. 

Jeans - I started a bloat-friendly jean company and we designed the most comfortable jeans and even I wouldn’t wear jeans during a flare-up because my stomach expands 3-5+ inches and it is very painful.  I opt for very loose fitting clothing or sweatpants during a flare-up. 

Bottom line 

Our bodies are constantly changing, especially for us ladies that deal with bloating.  Don’t get discouraged, there IS a way to feel comfortable and stylish in your clothes, even when you are bloated!  

Dealing with bloating is time consuming, mentally draining and painful.  Find the little things that you can do to make you happy and keep your confidence high on those dreaded bloat days.  It makes a huge difference.  

Being beautifully bloated is to dress comfortably for your lifestyle, look good, feel confident and most importantly, be happy!   

My favorite outfits when I’m bloated 

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