We all know that ‘just ate a big meal and now my outfit is not fitting *quite* right’ feeling - but, for some of us, bloating is a daily reality rather than a little discomfort after a night out. We don’t just have house antacids and car antacids –  we have strict dietary restrictions, a beloved pair of sweatpants, an ever trusty heating pad, and perhaps even prescriptions for the bloating that ails us.

For the woman who feel seen reading that checklist, ginger + dandelion was created with you in mind. It is a shop and community where you can find comfortable clothing that lets you breathe, style hacks for dressing your ever-changing body, and lifestyle tips for addressing your bloating. It’s all part of our mission to help you feel beautifully bloated.

I began experiencing bloating problems in college, and it’s been a long, lonely road. After YEARS of consultations, misdiagnoses, and pain, I finally received my diagnosis. Well, several of them.

Plainly, it sucked. I had to relearn how to nourish myself to manage pain, find clothing that didn’t feel like it would strangle my insides, and I had to do it at a time when gluten-free was not well-known. Slowly, I began to figure these things out, but I often wish that I would have had a community to help me along the way.

Which is why I started ginger + dandelion - a shop for bloated women searching for their tribe.  This shop is just the start of a community of women who can cheer each other on at our best, offer up advice when we’re feeling our worst, and have a lot of fun with style in between. Join us on Instagram @gingeranddandelion and get in on the conversation. We can’t wait to hear your life hacks for being #beautifullybloated.