Your body type will help you determine what clothing fits your body well.  From there you can make better informed shopping decisions that you will be happy with!

how to dress better female body shape by gabrielle arruda

Body type Definition Focus on Try to stay away Yes!
Round/Apple Larger upper body vs. lower body with no defined waistline.
Some bodies have slim waist and great legs but lack definition in hips.
Need to define waist Bodycon dresses
Embellishments on top
Simple tops and jackets. Think balanced look.
Well fit tailored tops but not tight
Slim fit above knee pencil skirt & loose fit top
Straight leg jeans, highlight legs!
Looser sweater
Pear/Triangle Wider lower half, need to draw attention to upper half Draw attention to upper half Long shirts, cropped shirts Colors on top half
Wider neckline, sweetheart, boat, layer tops
Dark colors for bottoms
Inverted Triangle Bigger top, small bottom & no waist definition Define waist Halter, boat Boyfriend jeans, large trousers to accentuate bottom
Rectangular/athletic Same size top and bottom & no waist definition Define waist Vertical, straight items Belts around waist, mid waist pants, belted jackets, jeans, midrise
Hourglass Equal size hip and shoulders.
Well defined waist
Accentuate waist because it's small Baggy clothing
Boat or scoop necks
angled pockets, not inseam or no pocket
Cute flirty dresses with sneakers
Empire waist, peplum tops
credit: Gabrielle Arruda

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